Grounding with Gratitude


When was the last time you went outside and REALLY noticed your surroundings? I recommend this daily practice: once in the morning, once in the evening or both. Put your feet outside on the ground [...]

Grounding with Gratitude2020-10-19T20:29:24+00:00

Routines Help Moods


How are everyone’s attitudes in the midst of home life? How are you creating and encouraging a daily routine for yourself and others? Creating routine is key to helping manage all kinds of moods. Take [...]

Routines Help Moods2020-10-19T20:29:40+00:00

Take 5 and Breathe


Ever felt short of breath and paralyzed by negative thinking? You know, those times you’ve replayed a flubbed conversation, or told yourself you can’t do something? Or maybe you’ve simply found yourself dwelling on your [...]

Take 5 and Breathe2019-07-18T18:41:01+00:00
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