About Tori

WIT Professionals Executive Director, Tori Dabasinskas, is vivacious, compassionate, and professional, with a reputation for honoring and respecting the critical role relational health plays in thriving businesses. She brings 25+ years of trusted individual/family counseling (LMFT, LPCC) and small business and non-profit training experience.

Take 5 and Breathe


Ever felt short of breath and paralyzed by negative thinking? You know, those times you’ve replayed a flubbed conversation, or told yourself you can’t do something? Or maybe you’ve simply found yourself dwelling on your [...]

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The Power of Intentionality


How intentional are you in relationships, specifically with greetings and departures - also called take offs and landings? Do people feel seen by you as you come and go in your kitchen or your office?   [...]

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Take 5 and Smile


“When I started counting my blessings, my whole life turned around.” - Willie Nelson I like that idea. And while I can’t guarantee that your WHOLE life will turn around, I do know that there’s [...]

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Stress and Negativity


What is more stressful for you: to dwell on a lie that is self-defeating or consider a truth that is life-giving? LinkedIn Learning recently released statistics on job stress, so let’s use one of these [...]

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